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Let the rambling commence! OMG, so Hello to everyone who is reading this post! If you've managed to reach this post through my instagram or twitter, then a sincere THANK YOU for taking time out and getting this far. If you know me personally and I told you about this or sent you a link, then please do not leave comments in Scottish slang, thanks.

Lets start with the formalities. My name is Maheen, I'm 23 years old (24 is so soon ew) and I live in Glasgow, which is in Scotland. Duh. I would proudly identify myself as a British Pakistani and I love both cultures. I'm starting this blog for lots of reasons, mainly because I love discussions, I always have a lot to say and I would probably never tire of talking about the same subject for countless hours. I have recently discovered a love for writing, which I suspect has always been there, but has only most recently broken out (blame lockdown not me). I'm the type of person who finishes a tv show or book and instantly scours the internet looking for reviews to see what other people think. Before buying a pricey product, I spend ages finding honest reviews from honest people instead of websites. And I absolutely LOVE reading about other peoples lives, their stories or "journeys" and gaining some sort of insight, (without being nosy) aswell as taking some inspiration. Now I've kind of decided that I would like to contribute to that pool and so here I am.

In this first post, I want to discuss ALL my interests, so that I can give you guys a glimpse of what this blog could be about. Might go off in a tangent but it's all part of the process.


This is literally me watching TV. Or the other image I could give you is the one where you're lying in bed and the phone smacks your face. Not pleasant. Also, will probably be surrounded by a large variety of unhealthy snacks, ranging from share bags of crisps and 50% extra chocolate bars. Does anyone actually share those share bags of crisps? Like?!

I'm not old, but I remember how I used to watch tv shows before Netflix and other streaming apps became a thing. Usually would type something along the lines of 'watch game of thrones series 5 episode 2 free online' and hope for the best. How my phone didn't get a virus is beyond me. Anyways. I guess the first TV show I really properly watched was Revenge with Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe. I would wait for each episode to air in America and then the following day, I would get into bed and stream it somewhere online. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Netflix and subtitles, but there is just some peculiar enjoyment out of streaming something online. I can't explain it. After that, I was hooked on just about any popular TV show that I saw trending on twitter or that someone recommended to me. Then Netflix came along and there were SUBTITLES available for every damn show. It felt like all my dreams had come true. (If you haven't guessed by now, I am OBSESSED with subtitles. I could watch something in black and white, but no subtitles?! No chance.) I've watched and loved all the popular shows like OITNB, Breaking Bad, Black Mirror, YOU, Jane the Virgin. And obviously so many more. I've just finished watching S4 of The Crown, which came out this Sunday and which I absolutely LOVE. It's taken me down a path of wanting to know EVERYTHING I possibly could about the monarchy.

Then obviously there are the more British shows, such as those on BBC player, ITV, Channel 4 etc. So I've seen The Fall (Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson, yes please), Doctor Foster, Line of Duty, Unforgotten, Broadchurch (David Tennant is the only Scottish accent I could listen to forever), Skins. British TV shows are the types you can't stop watching, even when its 4am and you have work the next day. They are just so amazing.

And then obviously we have the talent shows and reality tv. So, The Great British Bake Off (Peter to win!!), Masterchef, Love Island (amazing don't try to tell me otherwise), Made in Chelsea etc. There is just so much available and I'm here to soak it all up. Extra points if its British obv.


Yes they need a category all for themselves. (If you don't watch Pakistani dramas feel free to scroll BUT so many are available on Netflix WITH subtitles of course, and they are more moving than anything you have probably watched before). Also if you know these two, then I don't even need to say anything, the GIF says it all.

I go through phases with Pakistani dramas. I have times where I'm watching 6 or 7 at the same time, waiting patiently each week for the next episode to be released. For anyone who is curious, Pakistani dramas usually consist of around 20-30 episodes, which are released weekly on youtube. When I'm in my phase, I usually have one for each day of the week. They are dramatic, moving and highlight so many key issues that are still prevalent in Pakistani culture.

The actors and actresses are extremely talented, extremely stunning and just in a league of their own.

I wish I had more to say, but I'm quite clearly not in my phase. This time last year, I was so on top of it and I have so many unfinished dramas to watch.

But my TOP recommendations are: OBVIOUSLY Humsafar, Udaari, Mere Paas Tum Ho, Cheekh and Ruswai.


Yes, I love books and I love YOU Joe. Moving swiftly on. I love a good book. Reading was my go to when I was younger. In primary school, I remember feeling really proud for getting through books fast. I would literally feel a sense of achievement if I finished 500 pages in 2 days. I started off with Jacqueline Wilson being my all time favourite author (I know, I'm over my JW phase now I promise). Towards the end of high school, my taste in books got much better (thank goodness). Reading just made me feel so much more productive and like I really had my life together. (I was naive).

There is just something so satisfying about reading a book. These characters become your life for however long it takes you to finish the book, and when they get a happy ending, it literally stays with me for a while. I guess I only really stopped reading when I started university. It was just much easier to watch something than spend more time stuck in books. But after a long break, when I would read a book again, that feeling would just come back. TV shows are amazing but there is NOTHING like a good book. Whilst I'm writing this, its just dawned on me that its the sense of achievement after reading a book that really attracts me.

I remember when I was in primary seven (last year before high school), I was going away in June with my class for a week, like everyone would do in their last year. I can't remember where we were going. Anyways, 4 weeks before we were due to go, I was dancing in the living room and I got my foot stuck underneath the wheels of our sofa and consequently twisted my toe. Had to go to hospital and they had to un-twist it, meaning I had to rest it for 6 weeks. I couldn't go on my trip and I was so upset. To cheer me up, my mum bought me all the Twilight books with 2 of the special edition behind the scenes books (Twilight was literally THE big thing at the time). It definitely cured my heartbreak and I spent all summer reading and re-reading them whilst blasting Taylor Swift. What a simple time. I hope that explains how much I love books.


Baking is definitely something I would love to do full-time. Ideally, I would love to own my own little boulangerie in buchanan street with the most stunning cakes. (Also if you don't know, the woman who looks like she is in pain whilst whisking is Nadiya Hussain who won GBBO in 2015 and I ADORE her, go check her out).

I made my first cheesecake in like 2012, so I was like 15. It was just a plain lemon cheesecake and the picture of it was taken in absolute dire lighting so maybe I'll leave that for another post. I would love to say that's when I started baking and it became special but I didn't really think much of it. I made lots of cakes, specialising (by this I just mean I made it over and over and over again) in a classic Victoria sponge. Using Mary Berry's recipe obv. I would literally make this anytime someone came over. Also made a specific (Lorraine Pascal's) malteser cake repeatedly. So I would just switch between these 2 recipes or sometimes adapt them and make cupcakes. Nothing too fancy but I really did love baking.

Last year, on my gap year, I moved to Paris (maybe, no, definitely, will do a post about this). Me and my uncle both love baking and he really gave me a push. Before I knew it, I was round at his every weekend, mastering traditional French patisserie like Mille Feuille, Fraisier, Saint-Honoré and would make these for his kids birthdays or sometimes just to devour. I would look forward to every weekend, and by the end of the day I had been in the kitchen for like 9 hours (yeah, nobody really tells you that it takes ages to produce something that looks AND tastes good) and had extreme back ache. But it was worth every moment.

I definitely would LOVE to go on bake-off one day, but I need to practise pastry and bread, so maybe in a couple of years.

Now that I'm back in Glasgow, I still bake a lot. I have an insta page for it and share my bakes on there. I'll leave a link at the bottom of this post, or you can also find the link on the instagram for this blog.


You know that film, Confessions of a Shopaholic? That is LITERALLY me. Except, I've not paid my debts off in pennies. Or at all. (I'm on top of it all, don't worry. Just about...). I honestly LOVE shopping. It is so therapeutic. I would love to say I'm not materialistic but I think that would be a lie. I mean, of course I'm grateful and happy in my life, but I could be happier (an amazing love island reference, if you know you know) with some new loungewear, shoes and a cosy winter coat. With matching gloves, a scarf and a hat from Burberry. I would also love to say that it doesn't always have to be a branded item. But it kind of does...I have high standards.

My shopping is not limited to anything. ANY new purchase brings me happiness. Clothes are obviously my favourite thing to buy, swiftly followed by shoes, bags, hats, electronic goods, books and even new baking equipment. Every purchase makes me happy. And yes, I think when I do buy expensive stuff, I like to justify it by saying 'it's an investment'. I'm basically basic.

Just last year, make-up and skin care have joined my list of things I like to buy. Last year, for a family wedding, I bought expensive make-up. I literally must have spent more than 500 euros in Sephora, not proud of myself. But it's an investment.

And lastly, but not LEAST at all. Stationery. StationERY not stationARY (If you're an amateur, you probably don't know the difference). Yes, notepads, pens, paperclips, sticky notes, staplers, diaries, folders, dividers, stickers. All that amazing stuff. I have an impressive (I like to think so) collection of stationery, that I have been buying since high school. You know that school shop you do before the next year of school starts? Well I would overdo it every year. I would by WAY more than I could possibly need, use like a quarter and keep the rest, unopened and unused. Then, the year after, I would do the same, my standards (and consequently budget) increasing every year. I would barely use much, but would happily keep the rest in storage boxes. During high school, I would usually shop in supermarket 'back to school' aisles and then when I went to university, I automatically promoted myself to designer stationery brands like Paperchase (my all time favourite stationery shop). Paperchase is EXTORTIONATE for stationery (truth hurts), BUT their stuff is so stunning. Like their notebooks literally kept me motivated to take notes during lectures. And you always get money off on your birthday if you have a Paperchase card (the perks are endless). Stationery will always be the great love of my life.


Okay, now I'm gonna sound like such a pathetic millennial (I probably am in a bit of denial about that), but I am both increasingly fascinated and absolutely obsessed with celebrities. I don't mean that I have fan pages for my fave celebs (Viola Davis 4eva), but I am very fascinated in the way they live, this whole idea of influencers and being insta famous. I just find it very intriguing how the public can latch onto just about anything. Like, (and this applies to us normal people too) they can tweet or post anything and suddenly they've gone viral and are the subject of thousands of memes. Its just the social media age we live in now and I'm here for it.

I'm also here for the drama we get sometimes. Simple things which are taken widely out of context and suddenly you're in trouble for something you tweeted in 2002. It's astounding but highly entertaining.

I don't have a lot to say on this that's only because I can't think of any example to give right now. Otherwise I could easily write another 5000 words, coming from every angle of a scandal. Can't wait to see what happens with Wagatha Christie tho...


Okay, so this is mainly a newfound interest of mine. I've recently started to go on morning walks to try and be healthy (try being the operative word). I walk for around 40 minutes and OBVIOUSLY I need to listen to something. Although I do love listening to music, I find that for that amount of time I would get bored. So, I started to listen to podcasts on Spotify. Depending on who you listen to, it can definitely inspire you.

I listen to quite a random bunch of podcasts. I quite like Fearne Cotton's 'Happy Place' podcast. She interviews a lot of celebrities maybe because they've recently published a book or something along those lines. It's quite interesting and so easy to listen to. Anchal, who is a social media influencer, has also recently launched her new podcast 'What Would the Aunties Say'. She interviews different guests each week to discuss issues that are relevant to the asian community. She only has 3 episodes so far but they are VERY interesting.

This morning I discovered that David Tennant has his own podcast channel (I KNOW!). His first episode was with Olivia Coleman and OBVIOUSLY I was all in there. She is so humble and exactly as you would expect her to be. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND based purely on David Tennant's voice, it's SO therapeutic.

Also, if you watched Skins (or even if you didn't), Megan Prescott, who played Katie Fitch has her own podcast called Megartron Speaks. She is so fun to listen to, VERY honest and extremely savage. I absolutely love her.

Okay, I think I'll wrap it up here. OBVIOUSLY, I have a lot of other passions and interests like history (the monarchy, John F Kennedy) and interior design (IKEA need to hire me) but I think I've covered a lot. I hope I didn't come across as a gossip with nothing better to do (an ounce of truth), but I genuinely enjoyed writing this post and I hope you all enjoy reading it. I want to aim to write quite regularly, but it did take longer than I think. Oh well, we're in lockdown so not much else I can do, is there?

Please feel free to give suggestions on anything else you would like me to write about on the instagram account associated with this blog.

Thanks for reading!




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