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How I DON'T celebrate Xmas!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another blog post! I thought I would take a break from TV reviews, just to give my blog a bit more variety. I was a bit stuck on what I could write about, but I seen a lot of blogmas posts and was suddenly inspired to write about the most wonderful time of the year! Now if you're wondering about the title of this post, then yes, that's correct! I don't celebrate Christmas and I know a lot of people who don't! I thought this post would be fascinating for those who do celebrate, to see how the other quarter of us live! (Don't quote me on the figures)

In this post I'll be talking about the full festive period, and what my typical xmas day looks like! So let's get into it!

Now, I definitely DO NOT celebrate xmas. We don't have a tree, we don't put up lights, we don't get presents, we don't have stockings, we don't eat turkey on xmas day and we do not lay out cookies and milk for Santa !

BUT, I love EVERYTHING about xmas. As soon as Halloween is over, you KNOW its xmas. The lights go up and trees are decorated and there are decorations everywhere - it's genuinely so nice to see. I remember a specific house in the area I used to live in - they would literally decorate EVERYTHING. Every corner of their building would be decorated with lights, it was hard not to notice it. I love how every single tree in a public place is decorated with lights and you can admire them as you drive by. I love looking at all the different coloured trees, placed specifically in front of windows, so everyone who goes past can see.

I love going to supermarkets when its xmas. Your WHOLE supermarket experience is just different! As you go in, the seasonal aisle is loaded with stocking fillers, gifts, wrapping paper etc. There is literally something for everyone. Then there's all the chocolates. Varieties you didn't even know EXISTED are just lying there, ready to be bought. I have a funny story actually. My mum ordered something online and as a gift, they sent her a Lindt advent calendar. Now this was the end of November, and knowing we wouldn't be 'counting down' to xmas, I opened number 1 and it was a small chocolate bunny. Then, my brother, the smartie pants, went and opened number 24 and it was a massive chocolate Santa! I felt so robbed (and a bit stupid!). Anyways, the chocolates are such fun. I recently discovered white chocolate malteser truffles - NEED! The fact that we can buy selection boxes at any given time during the festive period, makes me so content. Not as content as working my way through them, obviously! And then, if that wasn't enough, there's the fantastic xmas food selection - cheese boards, crackers, cheese fondue with bread, nuts, chocolate orange, chai lattes, MINCE PIES. It's just endless and all very tasty. I only recently tried a mince pie (4 years ago maybe?), and I absolutely fell in love with them. They just taste so christmassy, and heated up with some cream - AMAZING. When I was in Paris last year, mince pies really weren't that hyped up over there. Me and a friend decided to visit a Marks and Spencers and they were giving out free mince pies. If that doesn't make you proud to be British then what will?!

Presents! This bit we don't do. We don't buy each other presents or have stocking fillers. BUT all is not lost because as a Muslim, we celebrate Eid, twice. We usually receive presents on the first Eid and money on the second! With Eid, we don't have a tree but we can have decorations, presents, the food etc. And usually Eid can be celebrated for 3 days each time. The best part for me, I would say is dressing up and eating obv! Taking pictures with your family and eating food together is kind of exactly like xmas, so we don't miss out too much! But my favourite part of xmas is definitely checking my social media to see what all my friends, who do celebrate, got for xmas - there's just always so much stuff!

Movies! This is one of my FAVOURITE parts about xmas. Browse any channel from the 1st of December and there's guaranteed to be a movie on! I absolutely love watching them. The classics are my favourite though - Home Alone 1+2 , Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, Love Actually (my all time FAV), The Polar Express, The Holiday...I could go on. But I absolutely love them all and never tire of watching them!

Music! Again, xmas songs really get you in the mood. I love all the classic ones but really enjoy listening to new versions of the same song.

I would love to watch a tv show centred around xmas - now that's an idea!


So, xmas day isn't really a special day for us. We don't have a set menu, we don't dress up and we don't meet up with family. You could even go so far as to say, it's just another normal day really. Except all the shops are shut (kind of normal in 2020 I guess) and everyone is celebrating with their families. However, we do always make something special to eat. As I mentioned before, we don't really like turkey, so we usually would have something like roast chicken or lamb. And all the side dishes too! I guess that makes it special because on Eid we usually have the same traditional meal every year. And thats's still absolutely fine but on xmas we do change it up every now and again.

Up until a few years ago, we used to go out on Boxing Day and have a great time browsing the sales. But it's just wore off and it's a little boring now. I feel like absolutely EVERYONE is out that day and you don't even manage to get a lot.

So I guess that rounds it up nicely. I celebrate everything about xmas from the movies to the food, but we just don't celebrate xmas day. I don't feel like we miss out because we have Eid. Our first Eid is usually celebrated straight after Ramdhan (a full month of fasting) and I believe we truly deserve it! During Ramadhan, we fast from sunrise to sunset, (no, not even water) for 30 days. Then, we have Eid and so it honestly feels like a treat that we truly deserve! Our second Eid is about sharing and giving to our family, friends and the poor.

That's the end of this blog post - it's quite short compared to the rest! I really hope you guys enjoy reading this and perhaps realise how it's not such a big deal that we don't celebrate xmas! We love it all the same! And to all of you who do, I hope you get everything you asked for and are able to celebrate with friends and family amongst the circumstances!

Let me know what you guys thought of this post in the comments below. Alternatively, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram! If you liked this post, check out my other posts by clicking here. Subscribe by leaving your email in the box at the end of this page. Thanks for reading!

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